I got a bag from Vilnius so on that occasion we went for a walk and shoot it in the city. On the left – the main station in Melbourne. This building is always shown on tourist cards.
On the right – Vilnius, because Prada is boring.

The city is full of elephants.

While I was taking this picture a little kid came and took this little figurine. It was glued to the pavement, but who cares?


That day we found a lot of purple items. Art or something.

Another bag vs. Gucci.

Laurius is posing next to a dream cottage. He said that he’d sit there with a cat on his lap and would enjoy the sun.

Purple bird!

Random small trips West from Melbourne




Geelong – second biggest city of Victoria. There was a cool shop selling life size alien sculpture, we’ll come back and make some photos.


3D from the forest.

Little town at the end of peninsula. Can’t remember the name now. Rozelas climbing.

Beautiful ibis posing on a very thick wires.

There you can see the very end of the Mornington peninsula. It is the narrow gates where all ships enter to Melbourne’s bay.


In the hills, little spa town Trentham.

Quirky stencil in Daylesford. They definitely used some tape to stick the tape stencil on the wall.


The sign on the toilet wall:
“Opened by his Excellency Sir Winston Ducan
A Lehmann.-Mayor


Another beautiful day in the hills. Looking for the birds.


And there they are – bright and colourful!

A little finch on a big rock.

A bigger bird on the same big rock.

Yes, it is the same big rock. Actually it’s name is also Big Rock. Genius!

Everytime we go North West we meet some birds of prey.

Beauty, isn’t she?

One of the towns called Blackwoods (I think so) of Australia. People in older days were not very creative with the names. Every suburb, has the same named street. You go with the tram and you can cross for example 3 streets called Church street. I’m not talking about Victoria or High street…

These are so random pictures from different places, but if someone needs more details (like where we met one or another bird) – Laurius keeps the notes 🙂

Our little Adelaide

Some of last pics in Adelaide. It was so calm there!

Morning sun…

…and rainbow in our backyard.

They closed the street so everyone could enjoy it walking but locals didn’t understand it. they say it is better when cars can go, because nobody walks here… All cafes and restaurants could put their tables all over the street, it could be so nice to sit in the evening sun!

Free open air cinema in the city centre on Friday – empty!

Some old stuff market in some strange buildings.

Our pet.

The black swamp isn’t black

It was the same day when we found some cars on the road. We came to an old vinery. Old gentlemen parked their old Jaguars and went for some lunch and wine with their old ladies.

It was dry even after the rain season. Laurius and the wolf didn’t get wet feet. The wolf is possing with African (!) plants.

Mr. Eagle is looking for his prey.

Tree martin on a dead tree.

Welcome swallow. Hello swallow, nice to meet you swallow.

A swamp doesn’t look black.

Flowers and the vineyard.

Before the walk we had to register in a journal. Then they know how many tourists sank in the swamp or something. A lady here told us to beware of snakes. They enjoy first warm day after the winter, doesn’t matter that it’s windy.

Some historical railway bridge. We heard the train comming, so waited for it for about 10 minutes. Then realised that is was just the wind in pine trees.

Almost lithuanian view – a little forest. The only difference – a pine needles are very long.

Another wolf.

Some strange plants.

Picnic together with a bug.

Perfect calmness in a vinery with velvet chocolate cake, singing birds and sleeping lamas.

Willie wagtail is showing off. As always.

Our picnic place with a view of swamp.

Lama or alpaca. I’ll learn what’s the difference between them later.

After the lunch we left to the seaside.