Swamp on the Highway

Sometimes we find interesting places where we least expect that. This happened on our way via Port River Expressway. We saw a brown sign, that suppose to mark something interesting, so we decided to check that.

At the entrance to the Barker Inlet Wetlands we met this beauty, nothing special, but it’s a good start, we thought. However the territory was fenced and locked for restoration or something like that. All we could do just wander along the fence.

I was expecting that this will be something interesting, but it’s just a wild feral duck.

Great Egret was fishing on the shore.

No good.

You can’t walk along the fence a lot, so we went to one of our favorite places – St.Kilda. It was nearly a sunset.

A couple rabbits were grazing in the field…

… and some hens.

But they were really shy, as always.