Who shouts louder

There is one shopping street. Full of people till 6PM and after that it becomes a ghost town. But not on Fridays when it’s late shopping day. And every Friday a group of some religion fanatics come here. One of them, probably the leader stands on a chair and shouts their truth. Others walk around with posters, something like: Atheists, homosexuals will burn in hell. Jesus hates sinners, muslims are dirty, etc.. They shout loud and annoying.

So one day a group of town citizens decided to make a peace parade against those called “hate speech”. They just come next to those shouters and make a big noise. Singing, whistling, beating little drums, ringing bicycle bells, just stomping. There comes a group of young punks, just to shout, Krishna friends are dancing. Somebody is trying to talk on the phone. Somebody eating a big burger. Policeman are watching everything and just chatting about the weather. One girl is sitting, all covered with glitter with a pink poster: “I like glitter, is that bad?”. Some people are just taking photos of that free circus. We walk away. A street musician is playing lyric songs. Next to him a man is walking alone shouting and I have no idea which side does he support…

Sunday with birds

The whole weekend was very productive.

Black Pacific Ducklings rushing to the water.

Cormorants found a place to rest.

Black swan chicks.

Great Egret and White-faced heron.

Little Pied Cormorant is posing.

What a beauty…


What’s happening there?

Here fishes, fishes…

I want it too…

That’s not going to happen…

But maybe?…

Hindmarsh island

Our guide offered us to come to the Hindmarsh Island, take a boat to the Younghusband peninsula and walk an incredible trail. However, we did not find any port, just some little private docks. There were no people around, just some sheds, swamp and crows.

Someone had a couple of Black-tailed Native-hens pecking in their yard. They were very shy, but we were able to catch them on film, well, on memory card to be more exact 🙂

All the coast was fenced, but we found our way closer to the jetty.

Back again…

Caspian Tern observing the surroundings.

Crested Tern ready for take off.

Little Black Cormorant.

It’s probably about the terns 🙂

On the other side of the island the view is a bit different.

Somewhere far away SUV’s on the beach.

And a few more.

Footprints of some little crab.

Few Banded Stilt browsing on the coast.

And a Red-necked Avocet among them.

Later we went to the other side, where the SUV’s were. This sign I guess is for them. Poor plovers.

Sunset on the beach – looks nice, but actually it was windy, nearly a sand storm, and terribly cold.

One more photo and we went home.

The black swamp isn’t black

It was the same day when we found some cars on the road. We came to an old vinery. Old gentlemen parked their old Jaguars and went for some lunch and wine with their old ladies.

It was dry even after the rain season. Laurius and the wolf didn’t get wet feet. The wolf is possing with African (!) plants.

Mr. Eagle is looking for his prey.

Tree martin on a dead tree.

Welcome swallow. Hello swallow, nice to meet you swallow.

A swamp doesn’t look black.

Flowers and the vineyard.

Before the walk we had to register in a journal. Then they know how many tourists sank in the swamp or something. A lady here told us to beware of snakes. They enjoy first warm day after the winter, doesn’t matter that it’s windy.

Some historical railway bridge. We heard the train comming, so waited for it for about 10 minutes. Then realised that is was just the wind in pine trees.

Almost lithuanian view – a little forest. The only difference – a pine needles are very long.

Another wolf.

Some strange plants.

Picnic together with a bug.

Perfect calmness in a vinery with velvet chocolate cake, singing birds and sleeping lamas.

Willie wagtail is showing off. As always.

Our picnic place with a view of swamp.

Lama or alpaca. I’ll learn what’s the difference between them later.

After the lunch we left to the seaside.


Australians do like exclusive cars and there are plenty events to show this. Last Friday they just closed one of the streets in Adelaide and brought there their cars.

You could find some orange cars, …

… and yellow, …

… and something bullet alike.

Where are the cars, there are the girls.

There were plenty of American classic cars.

You could see some older stuff.

And something like this.

There was something for the luxury lovers.

And for pure power enthusiasts.

And for those who are into the engineering achievements.

On Saturday we went for a little drive around the city but could not avoid same cars. It appeared, some of the cars from the show were participating the classic car rally or something like this.

Closed rode for the rally.

We watch a few cars passing by and went to look for a detour.