A Sunday afternoon

One friend told us about Abbotsford Convent – a place we haven’t been before. So on a cool but dry day we went for a walk along river.

The place looked like from the British movies.

Love those tiles.

Felt like we’re somewhere else, not in Australia.

There are some artist studios, little community living and working there, but much more clean and tidy than similar ones in Europe.


The only old and forgotten space is closed and covered with fences protecting viewers form a brick or roof falling down.


Tunel. Freedom at the end.

Some art in the window. I like how those faces were made!

Weekend market.

Looks like made from paper, doesn’t it?

Laurius, of course, was chasing a bird.

His majesty and his waste land. Ok ok, it is just some compost bins in the children’s farm.

The river was still rising.

On the way home – horses in the window.

City animals

Another day I was reading a little zine made by Australian girl (her page here) with German roots. She was telling what impressed her in Germany. And what she loved about being back in Australia. This is her list which we agree with:

• The wildlife;
• Super friendly checkout ladies;
• The local library (I’m so happy to borrow new movies, music and fantastic books too!);
• The Ocean (oh yes!);
• Star gazing;
• Mangoes…

So, we were really impressed by the wildlife here too. Especially that you can meet many creatures just in the city. Like those little possums. They really love hanging out in European trees. And since it is autumn and leaves felt of – finally we can see those little beauties.

Another afternoon we went to one of big parks near the river. Even if it is surrounded by big streets it is pretty calm there.

Flying foxes live there. I always thought that bats sleep at day quietly, hiding in caves, abandoned sheds or at least in thick trees, so no one can see them. And there… They scream, the hang on sunshine and you’ll always see a few flying around.


We were noticed too.

Another day we went to see the Docklands. It is the suburb next to the city CBD and it is highly advertised in all guides, they recommend shopping and eating there. Well… Saturday noon – totally quiet, everything is closed. Just few fishermen. And a darter! We have a book with Australian birds. And darter was the last bird in one page we hadn’t met before. One page finished! Check!

They call it winter. Cardigan ends in a bag and coat – on a bench. Warm!

Posing for us and even laughing. I somehow can’t call that noise a song.

When was the last time you saw an owl? A wild one?
We went to get some groceries for lunch. The day wasn’t so busy, so we decided to walk by the sea. And there we heard some noise. Parrots screaming, nothing new. Somehow we looked ant the palm tree. And saw something white. Maybe cockatoo? But too small and not totally white. A juvenile one? And then it turned her head and looked at us! You should have seen how fast we walked home, grabbed our camera and ride our bikes back to the Barn Owl!

Random small trips West from Melbourne




Geelong – second biggest city of Victoria. There was a cool shop selling life size alien sculpture, we’ll come back and make some photos.


3D from the forest.

Little town at the end of peninsula. Can’t remember the name now. Rozelas climbing.

Beautiful ibis posing on a very thick wires.

There you can see the very end of the Mornington peninsula. It is the narrow gates where all ships enter to Melbourne’s bay.


In the hills, little spa town Trentham.

Quirky stencil in Daylesford. They definitely used some tape to stick the tape stencil on the wall.


The sign on the toilet wall:
“Opened by his Excellency Sir Winston Ducan
A Lehmann.-Mayor


Another beautiful day in the hills. Looking for the birds.


And there they are – bright and colourful!

A little finch on a big rock.

A bigger bird on the same big rock.

Yes, it is the same big rock. Actually it’s name is also Big Rock. Genius!

Everytime we go North West we meet some birds of prey.

Beauty, isn’t she?

One of the towns called Blackwoods (I think so) of Australia. People in older days were not very creative with the names. Every suburb, has the same named street. You go with the tram and you can cross for example 3 streets called Church street. I’m not talking about Victoria or High street…

These are so random pictures from different places, but if someone needs more details (like where we met one or another bird) – Laurius keeps the notes 🙂