One day they were mating (how else can you explain those beetles (the Beatles and VW Beetle always confuse me about spelling this word) being so active and flying everywhere like crazy?). The other – dying in our balcony… And after couple of days there still few alive. It looks like they are just becoming slower and slower and finally just stop.


Sydney opera house

When we told everyone we are going to Sydney, everyone said – take pictures with the Opera house. So we did. Many many pictures. From different angles. Because that’s what tourists do. And when you think of Australia what icons you think about? Koalas, kangaroos and Sydney Opera House?

From the Botanic gardens.

With some workers.

With some GPS device.

From the Harbour bridge.

On a cloudy day.

In some tourist guide they told that the most fascinating view of the Sydney opera house is from the ferry. So here are some.