We woke up in the middle of the night, the full moon was shining like crazy, the fog was floating just above the ground, knee high, well more than that, something screamed in the mist, frogs were imitating little motors and grasshoppers sang their song, magpie geese cried and barked far away and it sounded like people speaking, while there were no people around, just us on a wet wet grass, also knee high, so we took our camera, freezing our feet till they got blue, well we can’t say it is true, we couldn’t see the colour, everything seemed blue in the moonlight, and after that sleeping was so good till we heard magpies singing in the morning.

Full moon, 4,30am.

I couldn’t see this light with a naked eye, only the camera captured it, some aura of unknown swamp soul or a ghost or the dawn was coming slowly.

And then came the morning, all wet and fresh and cool. We drank hot tea…

…at the world’s end.

Something cried and screamed in those swamps all night long.

Suddenly, faster then us, the fog packed it’s things and walked away just in three minutes, while Laurius packed the tent and I looked for breakfast.

And for the breakfast we had a little cheese, the same they used to advertise on foreign TV when we were kids.


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