Our little Adelaide

Some of last pics in Adelaide. It was so calm there!

Morning sun…

…and rainbow in our backyard.

They closed the street so everyone could enjoy it walking but locals didn’t understand it. they say it is better when cars can go, because nobody walks here… All cafes and restaurants could put their tables all over the street, it could be so nice to sit in the evening sun!

Free open air cinema in the city centre on Friday – empty!

Some old stuff market in some strange buildings.

Our pet.

Little art markets in Adelaide

I didn’t post anything for a long time. Now it sound boring to write about things that happened a long time ago, so just some pictures.

A little exhibition in Claire’s studio.


Littlest Vintage.

And Studio Lingo sharing the same room.


Right – in one of the first East End Markets.


Kara was making little workshops, so we went to Christmas market together.


West End Christmas Market. Raining like the last year.



The second day of Christmas started with flat tyre.

Christmas holidays and summer holidays come at the same time in Australia, so noone is working, except the big safari like zoo.

Please do not touch the Giraffes.

Very shy.