Road Trip: Adelaide – Melbourne. Day 7.

On the seventh day we came back to Adelaide to rest a little before continuing our journey. On our way back we visited Hallet Cove. The funniest thing we saw that day, were the exploding seeds of some plant. Poor bugs that where sitting on those barrels of TNT.

Little show-of before hitting the road again.

Kiata – town in the middle of nowhere.

It’s forbidden to take any fruits and vegetables to SA so we disposing remaining apples and other goods. The funny thing is, that this should stop fruit flies from invading the state, but while we were gathering stuff to be thrown away or car was full of those flies 🙂

The rocks of Hallet Cove.

Somewhere far away like a mirage – Glenelg.

It seams like you are on Mars.

Elephant the climber.

The sunset.