Life at the seaside

Since we live on the sea shore, we go for a walk at the beach somehow not so often…

Well, we didn’t walk till there, took a car, but it was spectacular view – Melbourne from far away.

The alien ship crashed.

Some astrology on the car.

Poor birds!


We live near a tiny lunapark so one day we made a short visit.


Ice cream. Beautiful but not so tasty.


On our way we saw a crowd watching water and police came. Maybe someone drowned? Luckily it was a seal near the shore. He was twisting and turning, so no one was sure if he’s ok or stuck in some net. But he looked pretty ok and they called some animal rescue.

A policeman told about sea lion who went for a walk in the neighborhood streets last week.


Kangaroo island

We haven’t been posting here for a while, because my mother is visiting us right now. We enjoy time together instead of sitting at the computer.

When we came to Adelaide, we asked locals where to go, what to see. A lot of them recommended Kangaroo Island.

So here we are on the ferry to KI.

Some sort of Australian Scandinavia.

It was getting dark very fast, and those signs and dead kangaroos by the road didn’t encourage to hurry.

We decided to take a shortcut. Well… not sure did we save any time…

In the camp ground we were alone. Just kangaroos wandering around. And I haven’t seen so many stars in the sky before.

We visited a lake near by.

On Laurius’ birthday we went to the post office where they sold binoculars. So now we have them 🙂


Red-capped plovers by the lake.

The famous Seal Bay.

For a half an hour we were observing the sea lions on the beach with a guide.

When it’s cold sea lions come to the dunes to hide from the wind. Sometimes they even come to the visitor center. Once one sea lion was blocking the entrance to the toilet. It was very inconvenient, the guide said.

On the left – a skeleton of the whale.

Lonely Planet suggested to have some fish burgers in this shop.

Someone stole the crab family. It’s terrible.

We walked some track that leads to the ocean. Really nice place.

But swimming here is really scary.

A chance to have some fun.

Next day we visited one of the famous places in KI. It seams like S. Dali created all this.

No, we are not crazy, it’s modern art.

New Zealand fur seals having fun.

Or sleeping.

Here the seals were lying in the shade.

We visited some little town that was totally empty. Just some lions in the playground.

The town.



Blue-eyed cormorants.

While waiting for the ferry Laurius hunted this huge gull.