Surfing in S.A. Take 2

It happens so, that second in the row post is about catching the waves. But this time with the evidence.
We came too early, when all long boards were taken. We did a mistake and instead of sunbathing we were struggling with little boards, on which it’s even hard to get on, and waves just wash you off.

Later we finally got proper long boards. That was more like it 😀


The world from the edge of the board.

Catching the wave.

Luka is trying to stand up…

The result – double somersault 🙂

Belly surfing is also awesome.



Laurius was trying to take a photo while riding the wave. Well – photo under water.

Even though, it sores everything – all muscles, eyes hurt by salty water, wind and sun, blisters on palms, sun burnt nose, but still it was fun!

Surfing in S.A.

Finally we got some photos from our first surfing lesson. You probably expect our pictures on the wave, but not this time. But one day there will be some.

Don’t know these guys.

Dressed in funny outfit they were listening for instructions.

Naive and ready they went towards the ocean. According to instructions they got to the waist depth. After a few waves their eyes and mouth were full of salty water. They were getting on the board and fell. And again. Until finally, the first caught wave and they are surfing. Well belly surfing, but still fun. One of them even tried to stand up for the few runs. But both of them ended the same near the shore – in the water. Anyway, it was really fun.

If I were to make some resolutions for the new year, that would be to learn surfing.


Dolphin cruise

Jelly fish in Port Adelaide. They say these are not poisonous and later there will be more of them.

For a few dollars we bought a dolphin tour.

It’s not surprising when you see industrial buildings in the port.

And here are the dolphins.

The banks.

Damn it, I can’t remember when and what they were manufacturing in those factories.

And here they are building a submarine.

You can also see some water birds here.

This place was very popular among people who decided to commit a suicide.

Historic part of Port Adelaide.

Flippers are here when you are leaving and when you are coming back.


I like the look of the dancer in the photo.

Afternoon nap or something like this.

Christmas events

This happened in November or in the beginning of December. We knew, that there will be some Christmas event in the city We didn’t get up early as it was weekend. The pageant start at nine. While having breakfast we hear a lot of noise and went out to see what’s happening. We figured out that the event is finished and all people are going home…

This is the street the pageant went on. Empty streets with drawings have some charm. By the way, we always wondered what that blue line on the streets mean. It appears, this is the pageant track.

Though, everything ended sooner than we got up, we found all participants parked in one place.

Next week similar event took place in the seaside, but except huge sculptures people were riding their old cars.

Highway patrols and dogs decorated in glitter.


You should have seen how all children jumped when they heard the Santa is coming!

Christmas under the palm tree.

Little park at the back of a local brewery got new sculptures for the Christmas.

One morning we heard horns in the street. The wedding we thought. But the sound was getting stronger and stronger, so we went out to check, what’s happening.

The whole street was full of bikes.

They just kept riding and riding. We were surprised that there are so many bikes in this city. You don’t see a lot of them everyday. And here there were about 8000 of them. They were carrying some toys for the orphans or something like that.

That family in the background took out their chairs and were enjoying the parade. Some cyclist pulled over to them and gave sweets for the kids.

Some Christmas decorations in homes by the sea.

The main Christmas tree of Adelaide.

All sort of creatures under the the Christmas tree.

In some dark corner of one shopping mall there is a lair of Father Christmas.

In the main street you can try the Marry Go Round.

And all this to decorate our home.

Our “Christmas tree”.