Mount Lofty

We haven’t been posting for a while, because we had a friend from Lithuania – Reda. We were on holidays, so to speak. One of the first days we had an attraction to go down the hill on bikes. We were picked from home, it was sunny, and we dressed quite light. However, on the top of the mountain it was fog. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say, the mountain was in the cloud. This was one of the cases when you don’t understand which direction it is raining.

We enjoyed the views of the fog. You don’t often see such thing in Adelaide. We haven’t seen a fog here since we moved here.

All three charming and ready.

Nice scenery.

Usually you see something like this.

Posers with helmets and gloves.

Going down. No need to pedal, just break.

The best view of the fog.

Big and noisy bird – Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo (lat. Calyptorhynchus funereus). It’s hard to get a good shot of it. It’s either to high, or in the mist.

Part of the track was paved…

…part of it was orange.

We stopped at Cleland wildlife park to show Reda some local animals. Find a kangaroo here.

Red-browed Finch (lat. Neochmia temporalis).

What feet has this Eurasian Coot (lat. Fulica atra).

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo (lat. Cacatua galerita) on the left, and Wallaby on the right.

Earth Station Festival

Remember T-Shirt design competition that I won? For that I got two ticket to World music festival at the Belair National Park.

We went there by train and then caught a shuttle bus for those travelling to the music festival. This festival was not just about music, but also about saving the nature and other “green” stuff.

We listened to some music.

Here’s Stan’s Cafe installation, where various statistical data expressed with rice. One rice – one person. This pile is the number of Australian population.

On the left, people who bought the single “Can’t buy me love” by The Beatles on the first day of release.
On the right – The Beatles themselves. 

This was a really small festival.

They also disclosed freshly printed T-Shirt with the designs that won the competinion.

Mine is also among them!

Warren Conservation Park

Once we realised, that whenever we are going somewhere, we usually go South or East from Adelaide, but rarely North. So we took a map and pointed to the first park up from Adelaide. It was Warren Conservation Park.

It’s spring – everything is green and bloom.

Cuckoo is looking for a nest to lay her eggs.

Disturbed lizard rushes to the bushes.

First wild echidna we ever met. But it was very shy and was hiding under the tree.

Pardalote is cheering us with the song.

And nearly idyllic Australian view.

the empty nest

Somewhere in the hills, next to a little town a sign tells you “Exhibition open, welcome”. Just stop here and you’ll find a big field with a little house – gallery under the old oak.

On Saturday we went here to see Kara’s exhibition “empty nest”.

Little nests – egg shells formed from handmade paper were trying to escape through a little accidental hole in the wall to the beautiful and sunny fields.

Little nests and Kara.

How it shoul be called? Street art or a little house in the woods art?

Little house in the woods art 2.

A shed under a palm and the forest.

Sky with stars and full moon in the shed.

We crossed a green field…

…wished Kara a good day and left that magical place.