Swamp on the Highway

Sometimes we find interesting places where we least expect that. This happened on our way via Port River Expressway. We saw a brown sign, that suppose to mark something interesting, so we decided to check that.

At the entrance to the Barker Inlet Wetlands we met this beauty, nothing special, but it’s a good start, we thought. However the territory was fenced and locked for restoration or something like that. All we could do just wander along the fence.

I was expecting that this will be something interesting, but it’s just a wild feral duck.

Great Egret was fishing on the shore.

No good.

You can’t walk along the fence a lot, so we went to one of our favorite places – St.Kilda. It was nearly a sunset.

A couple rabbits were grazing in the field…

… and some hens.

But they were really shy, as always.

Port Adelaide (day)

Port Adelaide is a historical port town, about 10km away form Adelaide centre. Usually it looks deserted like a ghost town, but during the Port Fest we saw some people here. Locals called those days as very busy.

Not very crowded though.


It’s a cosy, beautiful place, with the old port spirit. The spirit I miss sometimes in Adelaide.


We had a lunch on a bench at the river, watching the ships…

…and dolphins…

… and a bridge.

I’m very happy about this animated photo!

Urimbirra Wildlife Experience

Once we found an advertisement in some news paper, that you can see crocodiles being fed. That would be interesting, we thought, and remembered the place. Then we looked for more information online, what else do they have, and were amazed. Local Australian predator – Quoll. Like all animals here, this one marsupial as well. Not all animals here are vegetarians 🙂 We had to see it.

Everyone coming in is observed by the big sad eyes.

All bags are checked by the security Emus.

Kangaroos, like always, funny. It’s a leg in the photo on the right.

Flying foxes are asleep at day time.

An here he is – the scary quoll, who is capable to kill a pray 4 times bigger than the animal itself. No wonder he is behind the fence. But a little bit of Photoshop magic and the creature is free.

Crocodile is getting warm in the sun.

White-plumed Honeyeater sharpening his bill.

Wombat is looking for something.

A couple of exotic birds (lat. Gallus gallus).

They have something in common…

The Crow and the starling are not exhibits, but still nice to see.

Glossy and Sacred ibises.

And his majesty the Peacock.

After a walk in the park we wen home by some byways. It was steep.

Very steep.

Still steep.

Some kind of desktop.

And some sheep in the fields.