Magic cinema

One evening we went to the cinema. It was a modern one, but all walls were covered with red curtains and silver ones were hiding the screen. Somehow it reminded me Twin Peaks. Now this doesn’t look impressive, because we went to old Art Deco Astor cinema.

This is in the toilet! Little fireplace-heater looks like a tiny doors in the wall. You can still smell cigarettes there although it is non smoking for a long time.

I don’t know what is in the middle. And I saw the detailed frames only in the photo, I didn’t realise it when I was there. Next time I should be more sensitive to the details.

Oval balcony.

A mural on the wall.



A relief decoration.

We were watching Arrietty and Howl’s moving castle – a double feature evening. During the second movie we noticed a cat walking down the stairs. Finally he or she spent half of the movie on Laurius’ lap sleeping and purrrrring.

New friends reuniting again in the corridor.

Brunch, vinyl and other weekends

It is so fashionable to go for a brunch. Actually this means somkething – let’s go and have a very expensive sandwich instead of making one at home. Of course we go too! Many lovely places. Like this cafe on a tram stop. Someone is waiting for the breakfast. Others – for the tram.



Another day we went to a free comic day to pick up our free comic copies. We ended hiding from the rain in a vodka bar and tried potato pancakes here. As it is very popular thing in Lithuania we felt like experts discussing the taste of the meal.
-Too much of lemon juice.
-Yes, too sour.

Well, we didn’t have way too big glasses or moustache and jeans were too wide, so in this place we had to hide behind a burger. Thankfully, it was enough big, so noone didn’t notice our shame.

Who killed the burger?

Actually, our most favourite thing for weekends is a hunt for the records.

Sometimes we get lovely finds and sometimes feel a big shame that we don’t know a lot about music and have to disappear quietly.

This picture is for Mini fans.

We went to a garage sale. Very conceptual one. The DJ is playing and the things they sell are… few (a bike helmet, two books, a pair of shoes and a couple of blouses).

Underground toilet in the city centre. Can you imagine 7 ladies doing the make up here?

Religious discussions inside the toilet cabin. I didn’t expect this. We are all probably used to see some anatomical or less detailed drawings and texts like “Kate loves Jake”, but not this. Some people believe in Jesus and some in Santa.

At the end of a day we go to some beloved place for live music. Here we find a Baltic dark beer and feel very suspicious if it is Lithuanian one. Of course not…