Dolphin cruise

Jelly fish in Port Adelaide. They say these are not poisonous and later there will be more of them.

For a few dollars we bought a dolphin tour.

It’s not surprising when you see industrial buildings in the port.

And here are the dolphins.

The banks.

Damn it, I can’t remember when and what they were manufacturing in those factories.

And here they are building a submarine.

You can also see some water birds here.

This place was very popular among people who decided to commit a suicide.

Historic part of Port Adelaide.

Flippers are here when you are leaving and when you are coming back.


I like the look of the dancer in the photo.

Afternoon nap or something like this.

Port Adelaide (day)

Port Adelaide is a historical port town, about 10km away form Adelaide centre. Usually it looks deserted like a ghost town, but during the Port Fest we saw some people here. Locals called those days as very busy.

Not very crowded though.


It’s a cosy, beautiful place, with the old port spirit. The spirit I miss sometimes in Adelaide.


We had a lunch on a bench at the river, watching the ships…

…and dolphins…

… and a bridge.

I’m very happy about this animated photo!