Vacation day 9. Mount Remarkable National Park (Flinders Ranges)

After a little rest at home we went north to Finders Ranges. This is a really huge territory and we saw just a tiny peace of it, but still it’s something.

For the great joy of Reda we found this female grasshopper laying the eggs. How does she manage to dig a hole in such a hard ground?

Very cosy birds – White-browed Babblers (lat. Pomatostomus superciliosus) – always hanging out in gangs and making funny noise.

No, this is not the same noisy miner we see in the city. That’s a Yellow-throated Miner (lat. Manorina flavigula).

Reda the explorer and a very promising sign.

I’m not the expert of kangaroos, but I think that’s two different species.

Sacred Kingfisher (lot. Todiramphus sanctus).

I went to the shower at night and event winced. For a second I thought that’s a really big moth. But that’s a welcome swallow, well, occupied swallow, in this case.