Vacation day 8. Victor Harbor

Our trip from Adelaide to Melbourne and back came to the end, but the vacation didn’t. On the eight day we went to Victor Harbour to see the Little penguins.

Brown Quail (lat. Coturnix ypsilophora) – the real master of disguise.

While waiting for the penguins.

It seems it’s going to rain.

Singing Honeyeater (lot. Lichenostomus virescens).

It’s getting dark.

Strange rocks.

Finally! The penguins are back from the hunt. They are really sensitive to the light, so you can’t use the flashlight. These little birds are really fun to observe. The way they walk and climb on the rocks is really funny and amazing at the same time. They don’t have hands but can climb the rocks so steep not every human could. And even one falls down it’s nothing. They are really tough creatures.