This is about the Grampians in autumn.

It was raining when we left.

Sun showed her face only for a couple of minutes in the evening.

We arrived when it was getting dark.

Next morning – little walk before breakfast.

Someone is taking shower.

Well, we look funny there.

Jurga looked too attractive for this little bird wearing her blue hoody.

After the walk we sat in the nice forest picnic ground, enjoying breakfast. Someone was too busy with making a sandwich, someone was just looking elsewhere. That was the moment when no one looked at the food.  Then I heard a growling noise and saw wings just in front of me. Shit, the bird felt in my hot tea – thought for the moment. Then I understood what happened. The cheese was stolen from my hand. Fat kookkaburra was sitting nearby and laughing at us.


So we spend the rest of the day climbing up and down.


Yeah, you climb and then wait in the queue to take a picture.

See the girl on the left. It is very high.
That’s all folks!