Surfing in S.A. Take 2

It happens so, that second in the row post is about catching the waves. But this time with the evidence.
We came too early, when all long boards were taken. We did a mistake and instead of sunbathing we were struggling with little boards, on which it’s even hard to get on, and waves just wash you off.

Later we finally got proper long boards. That was more like it 😀


The world from the edge of the board.

Catching the wave.

Luka is trying to stand up…

The result – double somersault 🙂

Belly surfing is also awesome.



Laurius was trying to take a photo while riding the wave. Well – photo under water.

Even though, it sores everything – all muscles, eyes hurt by salty water, wind and sun, blisters on palms, sun burnt nose, but still it was fun!