Naracoorte again

We are pretty unlucky with camping. Of course I should say, we are just not ready. But it is no fun camping in the rain, no fun, so we stayed in a hotel above bar and pokies room in Naracoorte. When we were traveling with Reda, we stopped in the same bar for some coffee.

Bool lagoon.Wonderful place for birdwatching and nice when it is still cool and no mosquitoes.

Birds and other creatures were making a big but cozy noise there.


Windows desktop.

It is very popular to call every black and white bird a magpie something. Magpie goose, magpie lark…
Geese in the trees barking like a dog.

Welcome to SA – you can get everything you need for making beer in Coles.

3 thoughts on “Naracoorte again”

  1. Labai grazios nuotraukos ! Kokie pauksciu kadrai geri ! Reda turbut lydosi ziuredama ;D

  2. Tik įsivaizduok tą gagenimą choru ir naktį pelkėse!
    Jei tik turėčiau visada fotiką po ranka galėčiau vest fotodokumentikos skyrelį – kaip Laurius prie paukščio sėlina 😀

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