Deep Creek bushwalking

At the entrance to Deep Creek conservation park we met Scarlet Robin.

And a lovely couple o Superb Fairy Wrens. Male is bright.

His wife – modest and shy. They were jumping like those tin birds – toys.

As they call walking in forest or at the river bushwalking too, this trail was a real bushwalking. At the beginning we were going surrounded by dense bushes, just a little bit too tall so we couldn’t see anything around.

The tack began to go down and we saw a wide landscape. We have seen photos of this trail before and it showed some kangaroos on the cliff edge. There was nothing like a cliff. Just a steep slippery stony surface under your feet. Those, who didn’t look under their feet got many bruises (of course it was Laurius).

Sadly, it was windy day, it means – no birds. We didn’t know where we were going. Just down. And the sea looked so far away, and we – so high on the hill.

Instead of kangaroo.

The end of the trail was very near, but we had to turn and run up, because sun was going down so fast. And it took an hour to get down.

Some flowers.

The last point where you can see something before getting in the bushes.


Finally we made it – we came to our car. After that it got dark in  minutes. A night butterfly hiding in the toilet.

On the way back we met  kangaroos and a rabbit on the road! A little bit extreme ridding in twilight on gravel roads.